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show: Amateur publish time: 2022-05-29 screen shot
Many female teachers have body aches after sitting and standing all day long. They came for osteopathic massage after work. I am an osteopathic masseur. They came to explain their physical condition. I started massaging from the shoulders, but the effect was not good through clothes, so I asked them to take off their tops. , then massage the chest and back, but wearing a bra is not convenient, please don’t worry I won’t peek, then massage the breasts, their nipples are hard, then massage the waist and pelvis, and ask them to take off their skirts, but again To massage the lymph glands, you can take off your underwear. Her pussy was wet when I touched it. I even inserted my fingers into it, but I still lied to her. The little finger was too short to massage the acupuncture points inside, so I might have to insert it. But don’t worry, this is just a treatment. I took off my pants and inserted it into her pussy. She was tricked into inserting it...
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