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show: Miyazawa Saori publish time: 2023-11-17 screen shot
Saori Miyazawa, a beautiful woman with beautiful breasts and a beautiful butt and outstanding style, makes her first appearance on Ippondo in the popular series Model Collection! He's a funny, carnivorous guy who wants his partner to come all over him. She is aware that she has a strong sexual desire, so much so that she often does reverse sex when she doesn't have a boyfriend. The type of cock she likes is normal, not too big, not too small, and she says with a cute, erotic smile that she prefers something a little softer than hard. While saying that her natural eroticism is modest, she performs masturbation as usual. She is Saori-chan, who makes you cum right away with her erotic and cute voice. It seems like she can cum over and over again. Now, please enjoy creampie sex with Saori, a carnivorous girl with a strong sexual desire who makes cute moaning sounds and cums sensitively!
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