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show: Sayama Yuka publish time: 2023-11-22 screen shot
Yuka Sayama, who has a wonderfully slender body with no unnecessary fat, appears in the cuckold series Let me do it to you! The husband's friends come to visit the couple's house, where they are living a loving newlywed life. The two good friends have a great time reuniting, and the husband drinks too much and ends up having a breakdown. My wife and I got into a lively conversation while my husband was sleeping, and there was a strange atmosphere between the two of us. . . . . . A man gently strokes Yuka's body. The two of them violently hug each other next to her husband, keeping their voices down even when they feel it, and the two of them quietly engage in sexual intercourse so as not to make any obscene sounds, like moaning but unable to do so. A Netorare married woman story with a lot of realism that will make even the viewer whisper. Please enjoy it.
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