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show: Takayama Chisato publish time: 2023-11-26 screen shot
A time fuck bandit with a stopwatch that can stop time invades the story of the ultimate bubble princess! ! It seems like he habitually stops time and has sex with girls. I forced the old man who was paying money to enjoy the soap away and forced him to deep throat him. When I try to set the clock forward, I find myself thinking, Huh? Isn't it wrong? and it doesn't continue the way I want it to, so I stop time and enjoy the continuation. I played with moving the time forward and stopping from time to time, and even went so far as to insert it raw. Chisato Takayama, the soapland lady, seems to be getting more and more comfortable, and even as time passes, she starts making noises and saying how good it feels. Can I put it inside? When I asked her that, she shook her head, stopped time, and forced me to cum inside her!
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